Monday, May 10, 2010

What color nail polish women like to wear?

what color nail polish women like to wearWhat color nail polish women like to wear?
The colour that fit's to my clothes, If I wear pink, i'd probably wear pink nail polish etc...

But I also love transparant nail polish, it fit's with every kind of clothes, occasion and is not ';too much'; and gives a pretty natural shine =DWhat color nail polish women like to wear?
i think that pink ands orange and red are very pretty
The color nail polish women like to wear varies because women have different tastes and personalities. This could also depend on the occasion for which they are wearing the nail polish. In a work environment, most women would wear a neutral or soft pastel color. If they are going out on the town, they might brighten it up and wear red, purple, hot pink, or even add something with a little glitter to their fun and sassy side. Still others might just prefer to always play it safe with a french manicure and use clear or lightly tinted polish.
I like black.
Red...but if your a women of color like myself mocha, brown sugar, and other chocolate or brownish colors.
im wearing black right now but i also like to wear green
Bright orange is really in style, especially since it's the summer time. And reds, reds, reds. Pretty much all women love that color.
I like black, navy, bubblegum pink on other people, red, and bright green.
Depends on the woman. I really like bright sparkly colors, or black. Also, a lot prefer colors that work with their skin tone. Seventeen Magazine has a really great color choice guide in their June edition. (I think)
clear! very classy
I love wearing red, also mocha colors.
Women these days are wearing every colours. but it depends what mood your in. I would personally pick a dark red or a pink..
black is really in at the moment
flamin RED it is super is gorgeous.
french manicure type of style is my personal favorite because it can match practically anything and can be worn casually or dressy unlike most colors where women feel obligated to make their nail polish match their clothes.
I love to wear pinks during the summer or even pinks with a hint of purple in them..

but in the winter I kinda steer towards the reds!! My favorite brand is O.P.I
Light pink
Personally, I prefer to wear bright colours on my nails like bright pink and bright green. =]
Really, it depends on the girl. But colors that are in right now are black and red. Personally, I like to mix it up a bit and stand out. I use black every other finger and turqoise every other finger. But I like to draw atttention, not everyone is lime that. and sexy for all the generations
Black, I love it

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