Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to remove nail polish from a 3 year olds skin?

errr i hate this my husband and i live in a inlaw house that is rented to us by his parents and they dont take care of my baby sister-in-law who is only 3 years old and today she was in the house with her dad and of corse her dad didnt watch her and she went into her big sisters room and got into her nail polish and then came and found me and has nail polish all over her legs and hands how do i remove it with out herting her more be cause shes saying owwie owwie and crying i dont have any nailpolish remover i dont have a car my husband has it at work and i dont know what to do please some one helpHow to remove nail polish from a 3 year olds skin?
When i do my 2 year olds nails i usually get some on her hands.. Let it thoroughly dry and let her soak in a warm bath (10-15 min) and with a wash cloth it should come off with a little scrubbing. The moisture in your skin causes it to separate!How to remove nail polish from a 3 year olds skin?
It's probably easiest to just wait and let it come off by itself. It won't hurt her to leave it on until it comes off with wear and tear.
You can use nail polish remover on her skin. Don't worry, leave it alone for tonight and buy some tomorrow.
Don't panick.She is not in pain.She is saying owwie because it has dried and feels weird on her skin.Just put some on your skin and you'll know the feeling.At this point there is not much you can do.Unless you can walk to the drug store,or borrow some from neighbors.If not,water and soap won't do much.You need a nail polish remover to get it out safely.
You need nail polish remover. Ask a neighbor if they have it and bring your daughter. When they see her they wont say no to your request.

Or you could try sugar mixed with lemon juice and gently try scrubbing it off. Or try rubbing alcohol, see if that works. Before trying different chemicals wash the area off again with water and soap.
pyt her in the tub and use soap and water and di a little scrubbibg but not too rough!
It really isn't as bad as it seems. Step back a moment and be thankful she wasn't hurt on something. I'm not really aware of anything that wouldn't be a chemical to take off the polish. As long as she's not having an allergic reaction I would let time take it's course and in a couple of days it will come off-a few baths will help.
My daughter does this all the time. I just use nail polish remover. It doesnt hurt and it gets it off quickly. Although dont use it on broken skin or sores.

Then give her a bath and wash all the residue from the nail polish remoeer off. I personally wouldnt use any other chemicals as i dont know how safe they are. My daughter has really really sensitive skin and breaks out in rashes from moisteriser creams, but the nail polish remover doesnt hurt or cause her any reactions.

Just wait until your husband comes home and go and get some nail polish remover. It's alot easier than scrubbing it off, trust me I know.

She will be fine to leave it on, even if you leave it for a couple days. Maybe give her a bath to just make her feel better if she is saying owwwie.

Good Luck.
you need to get some polish remover..it shouldnt hurt her if you put it on a papertowel etc. then give her a bath. the only other option is to let it wear off. good luck
i dont' know if you have can of gasoline or paint thinner but that will work

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