Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to remove nail polish from the carpet?

Nail polish remover didnt work :(How to remove nail polish from the carpet?
I found these suggestions online.

Tip #1: Any non-acetone finger nail polish remover will take that off and not hurt the carpet. Take a paper towel soak it down a little and wipe it off. Try to keep the area contained that you rub, at first it will look like you are smearing it around, just keep changing paper towels with a new one until stain is gone. You need to change your cloth several times so you're not sliding polish over a bigger area. When done a liquid dish soap will get the smell out of the carpet.

Tip #2: I use the polish remover and blot, then GooGone works to remove the remaining stain.

Tip #3: When I spilt fuschia nail polish on my carpet I saturated it with non-acetone nail polish remover and scrubbed it with a white cloth. After the color stopped coming out on cloth (and it was still slightly pink on the carpet) I made a mixture of liquid dish soap, hot water and bleach and continued scrubbing until the nail polish came out (for white carpets only). If that doesn't work for you try using a fabric marker from a craft store and color over the stain.

Tip #4: I spilled dark purple nail polish on my light grey carpet. When I tried nail polish remover it didn't do a thing. Then a friend told me to try window cleaner and it worked great. I can't even tell it happened.

Tip #5: Tried the window cleaner on the nail polish on the carpet and it worked a treat. The nail polish remover made the carpet turn pink...Barbara

Tip #6: My 2- and 4-year-old grandsons gave me a ';manicure and pedicure'; for Mother's Day, and ...wouldn't you know it? Some polish ended up on the carpet. Go figure. Well, nan's don't complain. Inside I panicked. I had no nail polish remover, and no carpet cleaner. I tried vinegar on it, just blotting it, not rubbing, as instructed by my most recent professional carpet cleaners. You won't believe how completely clean it came! Did I mention that it was BLACK NAIL POLISH? I thought my carpet was finished! Now, if only I could think of how to...ahem... deal with my nails...Loretta

Tip #7: I tried to remove the giant purple nail polish stain from my green carpet with polish remover and all it did was smear the stain and frustrate me. I read that someone tried glass cleaner and that it worked, so I tried it. It did not take away the purple completely, but it did take away enough of it that it blends into the green enough to not be so shocking. Thank you to whoever came up with this idea. You saved my 4-year-old quite a few tears!!...Rachael

Tip #8: I live in military housing where the carpet is a cheaper variety and was mortified when I saw my girls had spilt nail polish on the carpet and tried to clean it up. I took the advice and used glass cleaner, all I had was the green multi surface type and it worked like a charm! You can't even tell it was there, save a bit of smell. That tip saved some young girls from a major grounding. P.S. The carpet was a neutral tan...Robert

Tip #9: I picked up a bottle of opi nail polish. The lid was not tightened and it went all over the side of the couch and the carpet. It was a bright pink and my couch and carpet are tan %26amp; green. I tried the nail polish remover. All it did was smear the polish, so I tried the window cleaner and it came right up!! Thank you so much!...Michele

Tip #10: Thank you for suggesting that window cleaner will remove spilled nail polish from a carpet! The nail polish remover did remove some, but the window cleaner worked great!...Christine

Tip #11: The windex was the trick. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I also tried the nail polish remover and it did get out a little bit of the purple polish out of the carpet but the Windex got the rest of it...Sue

Tip #12: After reading the tips on this site for removing nail polish from carpet, I tried it too! I spilt some red nail polish on my brand new tan colored wool carpet. I sprayed a little window cleaner and it came out so easily! I was amazed!!!!! Thank you so much!!...Brad

Tip #13: I just walked into my daughter's room and was greeted by 3 large red spots of fingernail polish on our tan carpet. I found this site, used the windex and the stain came right out! It was effortless and painless and I'm already over it! Thanks a lot for your great tip...Marie

Tip #14: I spilt bright orange high gloss nail polish onto my cream lounge carpet! Don't use nail polish remover - it just smears it. Use a glass or window cleaner spray - it works wonders! Next tip - don't polish your nails on your lounge carpet!!!!!!...Amanda

Tip #15: Amazing!!! My daughter hid a very large spot of fingernail polish she had spilled on my carpet. I read this site for using Windex on it and PRESTO - it's practically gone! Thank you all!...Deb

Tip #16: My boyfriend wanted to try to paint my nails. In his excitement, he knocked over the bottle that flipped several times on its way to the ground. After trying to blot the carpet with nail polish remover and having no succesHow to remove nail polish from the carpet?
You probably also ruined the carpet with the acetone in the nail polish remover.

Try going to the website woolsofnz.com. They have specific information about removing what sort of stain with what from wool carpet. I'm not sure if it covers nail polish or not.

Then there is always scissors...
I just noted that this question is asked a lot of times, take it easy, and use acetone.
maybe the house paint remover should work but it could also take out the color. You can also try to friction it a lot maybe it will work
Use stain remover cleaning stuff
try Hints from Heloise...she has a web site.

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