Friday, May 14, 2010

What color nail polish should i wear?

a have naturaly tan skin and dark brown hair in the sun it looks redWhat color nail polish should i wear?
i think anything would look nice, especially a very light, almost clear pink, or yellow for a cute look. Something more dramatic would be deep purple or blood red.What color nail polish should i wear?
you can never go wrong with red, and i love black nail polish on tan people, it looks classy
so many to choose i can see y it is one of the reasons u might be asking this question [; i think u should also try picking which color (in almost all other makeups) according to season (or the color of clothing u wear.) i think a shiny plum-violet/red color will look nice on u.
glittering purple
candy red and black, every other toe, or bright blue and black.
If you're looking for great colors to wear to the beach or pool, I recommend a nude beige on the hands (my fave is Jessica Custom Color in Natural Beauty, $6 at and a deep bronze on the toes ( I am absolutely in love with OPI's Brisbane Bronze, also $6 at Ultra!) Hope you try it! It would be gorgeous on you!
I think a pink color would like nice. I know what you mean about the dark brown hair that looks red in the sun mine does that except for my skin is really light
definatly something looks so good on tan skin!! i would try maybelline nail polish called Juicy Tomato! it is awesome!!
natural colour like creme,pink,pale yellow.....

make a little difference between ur skin and ur nail colour...
I think brown or white or black, I'm sure it's for you. Dark blue would be nice too!
hmm.. i would go a reddish purplish. Or some dark pink or coral-ish color. Something shimmery!
any color that matches what you're wearing

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