Monday, May 10, 2010

How dya get nail polish off the carpet?

AcetoneHow dya get nail polish off the carpet?
only thing I can think of is nail polish remover, like the other dude said. He's probably pretty smart, but if you have a color carpet it will probably remove some of the dye that colored it. If your carpet isn't that deep and the nail polish is only on th surface...cut it maybe? that's all I got.How dya get nail polish off the carpet?
If you type in getting nail polish off carpets in the box called ';Search for Answers'; above and then click on Search, you will have 200+ answers, Good luck
Nail polish remover, which is buffered acetone. Try it on a hidden place, as it could damage the color.
My mother once dyed our whole carpet blue and it turned out beautiful. So, if you remove the color, get you some dye and blend it back in!
nail polish remover or alcohol.

if that doesnt workk sadly try vineger.

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