Friday, May 14, 2010

Is black nail polish to emo should i..?

i dont know if i should wear black nail polish or a really dark purple one. i dont want to look like a try hard because i dont wear the usual ';emo'; clothes i just like the look of the dark nail polish!Is black nail polish to emo should i..?
Very ';emo';-----depressingIs black nail polish to emo should i..?
Wear Black or Purple or Pink! No one really cares! Be true to Yourself!


The Ol' Sasquatch 脺
dont worry what others think. do what is right for you. if it feels good do it!
NO!!!!!!!!!!! don't wear black!!!!! it is ugly
yeah. emo kids had to ruin black
Wear it. I wear black nail polish and no one would classify me as ';emo'; or ';goth';. It matches with everything, and that's why I wear it. If you smear on the eyeliner though...that's something different...
i think u should try a dark pink!

itll suit u............

(fr ur nails)
be yourself and do whatever you like. find your own personal style. people will love you for your personality and uniqueness. be fierce. be daring. be you.
Guys typically see black as a lack of color coordination, and in theory usually only dark and gloomy people or ';emo'; people attempt to wear this style. It's almost like wearing cornrows and asking if you would look like you were trying to seem urban or african-american. Basically yes, it will seem dark and gloomy. On the other hand such bright colors as light pink and yellow will make you seem ditzy. I'd say go a neutral color or something the same as your shirt to give off a classy and elegant look. I hope i helped and didn't criticise too much.
punch yourself until you have chosen an answer
no, unless you ';complete the whole emo look';

but the black nail polish is fine...actually the black nail polish is pretty much in during this season..i've seen many girls wear black nail polish and they're not emo.

the really dark purple is really cute too!
having black nail polish doesnt make u emo because emo people have more than black nail polish and their attitude as well. so if ur not acting emo then ur not emo. just do what u want to do!
nah its cool no on would care. its ur style anyways not tehirs. and plus who are they to judge anyways!
Where is the love?

If you'd rather wear the black if it didn't have 'emo' connotations, do it.
I don't think so, I am very girly and would like to paint my nails a black or maybe dark brown. So don't worry about what ppl will think, if you like it, do it!
Wear what you like. Forget everyone else. at the end of the day. it only matters what you think of yourself.
I'm not ';emo'; or anything, but I like to wear those colors too. Usually I just do the tips in those colors and put on a topcoat, it always turns out looking really pretty.
i think u should go wih wearing the black nail polih because if u want to wear it, then u can wear it . People shouldent lable u by what color ur nail polish is

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