Friday, May 14, 2010

Is black nail polish considered gothic or emo?

It's not goth or emo. I wear black nail polish all the time, and ppl consiter me a TOTAL PREP!Is black nail polish considered gothic or emo?
What the heck is emo? I graduated 2 years ago, i know im not THAT old!Is black nail polish considered gothic or emo?
Neither...more like....Ugly and Stupid.
who really says emo? besides who really cares? if you like it wear it. if u don't.....well..don't!
Both or neither. You classify and stereotype and you make me sick.
ERRR!its rank! not bein rude but come on who wears dat stuff yer goffs n dat! light colours and little glitter an nearly clear nail polish is in!! dont let people do it to them selfs !!!XxX
I've seen both wearing it.

But since it's all like dark %26amp; crap people probably would associate ';darkness'; with gothics
Probably both, but who cares it makes your nails look dirty. Try a different dark color it would look better black nail polish is so overrated :o(
its gothic
goth...but i like wearing it sometimes too, because that's my favorite color..has been since i was a kid
no... black nail polish is considered black nail polish... thats it
to me, i consider it goth. any dark colors like black and gray or may be even purple and red are considered goth
GOTHHHHH. ugh i hate black nail polish. and p!atd is no longer emo, just letting you know.
I have worn black nail polish......and I am most definately not goth
I would have to say gothic. I know people that wear it that aren't gothic OR emo, but I you can tell if a person is goth or not. Goth's usually have black clothing and chains and stuff, and regular people have regular clothes. So, I guess that's the best way I can put it.
Goth or punk rock. Emo is an offshoot of punk, so they probably do too, but I don't talk to whiny emo kids, they annoy me.

I'm talking about when guys do it really, also some metal fans do it too.
yes, but you can also play it up with the right outfits it could look smashing and totally chic!
girl it is sooo not gothic. it looks beautiful. try it out. you will love it. i love black nail polish ... : ) so what even if it does look gothic??? doesnt matter..everyone has their own style
Who cares? I've seen it since before goth or emo.
It's neither and both at the same time. While it does have to do with the gothic and emo people (like me), it's also for everyone. But, if you have the correct outfit, you'll look smashing.
I hate it when people sterotype you because of a style. Its neither. Its just you catch more Goths %26amp; Emo ppl. wearing it A LOT! Mot people just wear it for the look.
goth to me-- but I thought goth was out by now-- anyway why the black - so you really like it?? are you trying for the goth look?? you go for it-- whatever you think really matters in the end-- right??
Well, gothic and emo have a fine line separating them. I think it works for both, but I think an emo kid would have shorter black nails. That's just from what I've seen. I think the shorter ones look better anyway.
no man everyone can wear black nail polish nowadays... it looks damn sexy on women... even women who dress in brighter clothing
where I'm from black nail polish is definitely Gothic

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