Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey nail polish does anyone know how to make it last????

well i have 2 children washing dishes bottles scrubbing cleaning changing diapers washing hands constantly.. how can i make my nail polish last for more than one day... i had stopped painting them but i really like them painted... help please..Hey nail polish does anyone know how to make it last????
use a basecoat if you want, but a topcoat is a must!

it help prevent scatches and makes chipping harder and makes the nail polish longer.Hey nail polish does anyone know how to make it last????
This situation calls for a high-adhesion base coat to anchor the color layer, plus a hardened clear topcoat to maintain integrity of the paint job. Some manufacturers have addressed your situation in a total-package approach.

As one example, Sally Hansen has several severe-service nail enamels and lacquers available. No Chip 10 Day Nail Color, Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color, and Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps use different approaches to structural integration. No Chip Acrylic Top Coat is probably the best top layer for your severe-service situation, as acrylic holds up best of the integral toughening approaches available in nail-finishing products. A strengthening base coat is also of use for your situation. A complete index of nail products at Sally Hansen is at:

It's almost impossible, given your situation. You could try dishwashing gloves. A dishwasher would be the best! Also, use a light shade so that when your nailpolish starts disappear it is less noticeable. At first I thought you wanted to know how to make polish stay usable longer..........store them in the fridge!!
Good base coat on a properly cleaned and dry nail plate, 2 coats of color, one coat of good quality top coat.
put clear on top of your color
With all of your activity, you're not going to keep it on unless you put it on your toes. Look on the bright side--a good pedicure can be relaxing and almost as fun as beautiful hands. When the kids grow up, you can have your sexy hands back. Until then, savor motherhood.

Take care.
Make sure that your nails are not super-long, but are short and functional. Nail polish will adhere better if you swipe them with polish remover first, to remove any natural oils. Do several thinner coats of color (instead of one thicker coat) and make sure you do a clear topcoat! Sounds like you're a busy woman though, so you might just have to deal with short-lived manicures! The other option is to use lighter colors (light pinks or nudes, for example) because they won't show chips as much.
Put an under and over coat on it.
Brush your fingernails with rubbing alcohol before you polish them. It dries out your nails so the polish won't peel off. It works!!!
some clear nail polish say are specifically for protection, but regular clear nailpolish is good too.
Put on a clear strengthening top coat, then the polish (one to two coats), then a clear top coat or 'shiny top coat', which is what I do with my toenails. Hope this helps (since you were so kind to offer your help to my toenail polish question - :) Thanks for your help on that - :D
i do a base coat with opi nail envy. my pedicure lasts for 3 weeks - no chipping - i just take it off cause im sick of the colour. always do a top coat when you finish and if you run the top coat along the edge and sort of under the tip a bit, and then paint the nail, that keeps it on longer too. but seriously the OPI nail envy is the best base coat ive ever used.

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