Monday, May 10, 2010

What is this years best nail polish color?

I don't know about the years best colour, i think it changes seasonally. Classically, a french manicure is always in style. Dark colours like blacks and electric blues were quite big. For summer, peach is hot, with bronzed skinWhat is this years best nail polish color?
black nailpolish from chanel. it was pretty hard to get. someone was even selling it on ebay for ove 100 dollars. i got it in the store for only 20 though.What is this years best nail polish color?
Bush green
French manicures are in style.
Professional nail stylists will answer this best. Check this out
That really depends on the season......but one can never go wrong with a french manicure.
yeah, i agree with the french manicure.

but it seems to be that dark colors are all the rage.

it could be dark maroon, dark green, dark brown, etc.

anything that's ALMOST black. black works too.

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