Friday, May 14, 2010

What color nail polish?

What color nail polish would look good ? Im asian and have fairly tanned skin color and I always have trouble finding colors that look good with my skin. Or what popular colors are nice and what are they called?What color nail polish?
I think yellow would look nice. Maybe pink/hotpink.What color nail polish?
i think a light goldish-tinted peach color would look nice :)

miami peach is a nice one made by chanel. you could probably look in a drugstore and find a very similar color though.

i've heard gold is popular, but i don't think it looks very nice personally.

i think long nails tend to look scary. like not stubby shorts, but a little short looks polished and it's easier to keep up with.
i think black is really in this season, or maybe for summer you can go for a light pink or a really hot pink. maybe you could also try some browns and golds. the best brands i think are OPI, Chanel, Revlon and Loreal are good
use a lime/electric green.

beautiful color.

or a dark purple.

would look amazing. =]

a light color...

answer my question plzzz;鈥?/a>
uh.. no blue.. yellow no way. Try soft pastels. They are perfect for fall and winter and look great against any skin tone. There's many new pastel tones now, greys, blues, purples, even green.
I think a nice turquoise would look amazing(:
red and other dark colors like a deep purple are always stunningon anyone!
u can use the brand wet n wild or revlon, and pink color would look good on you, or maybe dark brown.
just get like red or blue or something its nail polish, geez.
a shinning light violet
omg totally hot pink!!
hot pink or darkish lime green

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