Friday, May 14, 2010

Does dark nail polish look bad on really tan skin?

No, Kim Kardashian often has a dark manicure and that looks great. I'd avoid shades that are very similar to your skin tone though, that may look odd.Does dark nail polish look bad on really tan skin?
As for me a fan of Mary Kay cosmetics. I find it more ladylike to use pink or red nailpolish. I guess in the social sense it is not disturbing to look at. I find dark nail polish vampish and scary. If you have more tanned skin opt for pearlesque peaches or brownish nail polish. French manicure light and attractive. I do not know how old you may be but in socializing things like purple hair, false eyebrows, or black nail polish is cool going to a rock concert but in normal circumstances frankly it makes others especially elders feel uneasy. I like natural and beauty enhancing makeup dressing or nail polish.socially makes others want to be around you and work with you comfortably.Does dark nail polish look bad on really tan skin?
no it looks beautiful, in fact its a very classic look for dark skin, in the past when cosmetic companies marketed product such as nail polish for women of color it was always plums, dark reds etc. dont limit yourself and dont be afraid to experiment
Well i have really tan skin too(im mixed with many races that have tan like skin)and i put on dark nail polish and it looks great! so it would probably look good on you too!
I've seen many dark-skinned women whose nails look beautiful in polish. Just find a shade that suits you and you're good to go.
not at all!

my sister is very tan-ish , like a carmel/chocolate skin tone and she uses it all the time. i think it looks great on her :]
my asian friend (sorry if that sounds racist..) wears dark red nail polish and its realllly pretty on her so you should be fine
nope. it looks alot better on tan skin than pale skin. it actually looks better then light nail polish :) hope i helped%26lt;3
it will probably look better than on extremely pail skin
I find it looks better than it does on pale skin.
no i think its cool but if you use a lighter color it can make you look tanner
no... b/s... its better than light colors... i k from experience...
Nooo .

I am pretty tann , %26amp; i love my dark maroon polish .
i dont think it does...darker jewel tones on nails are in for this fall :]
naw but bright look pretty cool.
noo it looks goodd wit tan skin ;]
prob not
no it should look ok
i don't think so
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