Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Help with a toe issue? Yellow under nail polish?

I always had my toe nails painted and never use bottom coats or top coats or whatever. Just plain old nail polish. I love greens and blues and well I keep it on until it comes off. I took it off this morning to put new on and I had this yellowing on the end of my big toe's nail. it starts half way up and then it gets darker on the sides and its like yellow. There is no itching or pain. What is this and how can I make it go away? Help!!!!Help with a toe issue? Yellow under nail polish?
What you have is a toenail fungus. This comes from leaving your toenail polish on too long. You should replace your toenail polish every 3 days at least (repaint your toenails) and you should always remove the previous coat of polish before applying a new coat of polish. What you need to do now is treat the fungus immediately. You will need to remove all of the polish using a nail polish remover (preferrably one that does not contain acetone). Toenail fungus can also be caused by leaving nail polish on while swimming, swimming in public swimming pools without showering, and walking barefoot around places like water parks and locker rooms. You actually should not wear nail polish on your toes at all once you develop a toenail fungus, because the polish actually traps in the germs and can make your condition worse over time.

You should see a podiatrist to get a prescription for medicated toenail polish that contains an anti fungal agent. If your fungus is already too severe, they will file down your nail, and may have to remove it all together. Generally you have to stop wearing nail polish to get rid of the fungus all together. In the meantime, you should wear closed toed shoes and stay away from places where people walk around barefoot. Also, don't share shoes with anyone, as you can spread your fungus to others.

If you do not want to or cannot see a podiatrist, you will need to purchase an over the counter remedy for your fungus problem. The best brands currently on the market for your condition are: Tineactide Antifungal Cream for Nails, Clearly Confident Antifungal Cream, and Zeta Clear Nail Fungus Remover.

Good luck to you!Help with a toe issue? Yellow under nail polish?
Don't worry at all! It's normal! My father has it. Its called Toenail Fungus. Im %100 positive that's it. But there is only one thing... keep cleaning out your toes. That's the reason you got it. It's because you don't clean your toe nails good enough. Your toes will all go Yellowish-Green in the next couple weeks. And also, make sure you put nail polish on like every couple days now since you have got fungus. Because when it builds up it will ruin your toe nails. It's so disgusting! My dads is horrible. But yes, you have no worry's. Make sure you take good care of those toes. There important things, you know?! :)
Sounds like fungus, don't panic. Shove Vick's vapor rub under your toe as much as possible morning and night. It will go away in about a week. Some bad cases take longer. The yellow part of the toe may stay yellow until it grows out. That's just the way fungus stains a nail. You could try prescription medication or OTC fungus remover but mark my word Vick's works ten times as fast and it way cheaper.
Toenail fungus.

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