Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do you get nail polish off a rug?!?

help!! i spilled neon green nailpolish on my computer room rug and cant get it off!! any ideas?! help me. i dont want my parents to see it! They'll freak!How do you get nail polish off a rug?!?
Here is a site that I would highly recommend. They have very high quality stain removal techniques. I would suggest repeating the process after the first application, and rinsing the rug out with warm water in between applications. Best of luck!How do you get nail polish off a rug?!?
If the polish is just one the top of the fibers, your best bet is to cut the polish right off the rug.

If you try using nail polish remover, you'll either melt the fibers (if they're synthetic), or just end up working the polish deeper into the rug.

So try cutting the polish off. If it leaves a divot, try pulling at the fibers a little to conceal that.
I think BLOTTING nail polish remover will be your best bet. I KNOW you NEVER want to rub when cleaning your carpet. That will just make the stain smear and mess up the carpet strands.

Ask the ';Queen of Clean'; she knows everything. I think she has a website.
ok, i done the same thing and hairspray really works! just use a toothbrush and scrub and spray the stain and after about 10 mins its gone!

hope it works 4 u :)

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