Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Which nail polish color do you like the best?

baby pink and light whiteWhich nail polish color do you like the best?
I always go for darker because it brings attention to your nails and it doesn't clash with your skin tone. Light colors can sometimes blend or make your hands/feet look washed out -- or I use a neutral color just to give some shine.

My favorites are Lincoln Park After Dark, dark navy, chocolate brown and deep dark red.

The BIGGEST color for fall though is gray. Kinda weird though right? Chanel's new gray nail polish is supposed to be huge but so far I haven't seen too many people getting on that bandwagon.

Here are some nail product reviews to see what other people think:

http://www.viewpoints.com/Nail-ProductsWhich nail polish color do you like the best?
Black, mostly every shade of pink, yellow,light purple, and a darkish-neon green for some odd reason...
I love black and lime green 4 nail polish. Seperately or both is kick *** 2 XD!!!
pink and orange! but not together...
i like navy blue, dark purple, and orange

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