Monday, May 10, 2010

How to remove nail polish from clothes?

use linseed oilHow to remove nail polish from clothes?
stain remover like shoutHow to remove nail polish from clothes?
Nail polish remover is the only way I know of, but it may take the color out of the fabric too.
it happened to me and never came out. I ended up throwing away my skirt. Hope someone else can help. Good Luck...
nail polish remover
clothes polish remover
Remove as much as possible, then treating from the back of fabric use non-oily nail varnish remover, being careful not to spread the mark, wash as normal. Test the affect of the varnish remover on a hem before using on fabric.
Nail Polish Looks HOT on clothes!!
Well, use the same thing u use for removing the nail polish off your nails, but dont use a lot of it.
try aqua net hairspray
My mom and sister used hairspray and rubbed it repeatedly with a damp cloth. It actually worked pretty good.

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