Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whats a good nail polish color for summer?

pink always booWhats a good nail polish color for summer?
yes, white and neon colors.

I went to hottopic and bought a whole bunch of green, pink, orange, yellow, and blue nail polishes :]Whats a good nail polish color for summer?
a punch or coral color is always good for summer.
Hot pink
Lets see if this helps,

It depends on your skin complexion,

if you are white try

- torquise,light shimmery pink, shimmery white, french manicure or the original red.

If you are black try bright colors like

- bubblegum pink,red,yellow,french manicure, or try shimmery colors.

If you are lightly black or Hispanic try

- all of the above

hope I helped and french manicure and shimmery white and gold and peachy goes along with any complexion or outfit. :-) hope I helped
pretty shades of pink, light pink and hot pinks.

also try golds and peaches.

metallics look great too.
bright colors and pastels
Pink! actually i think that maroon is a really good color for summer cuz its not too dark and has some color and flash. I also like blue cuz its a lot different then what most ppl use. it depends on how daring you are with it. White also looks very goof because its simple and goes with everything but still classy.
white and bright colors like turquoise, orange, yellows, and pinks along with the classic red. sry if this doesn't really help
i would say i dont know you see im not a girl and i dont use nail pollish. but my sister would know the answer because she is sot of a girl but not really she would know a little about it
fingers- french manicure

toes - pink, purple, red!
pinks, oranges, maybe light purple?




bright red
berry red
A friend of mine once used an orangish-red color in the summer that was called ';100 Degrees In The Shade';.
I am been liking pinks.. but bright colors for summer.
french tips always work





works every time!!!!
Try natural colors and pastel ones.

Anything that is light in color and not 2 showy
cashmere couture by nyc color. hot pink flirty and sexy :)
For the summer, colors that are bright are the best. Strawberry and watermelon are my favorites. Stay away from opaque and dark colors like brown, burgandy or black. Bright colors will make your hands and feet look young!

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