Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do you like Chanel nail polish?

why or why not?Do you like Chanel nail polish?
yess i love chanel nail polish =)

im wearing some write now %26lt;3Do you like Chanel nail polish?
I am really into the name brands, but I prefer quality over anything. I spent $19 on a Chanel nail polish because I fell in love with the color. Let me tell you, I am a nail polish junkie and have over 50 nail polishes! The Chanel nail polish wasn't as durable as my other polishes. It got super clumpy and even when I put some acetone in it to thin it out, it didn't work. I was a bit disappointed that the Chanel polish didn't own up to it's name and it's price. I love Essie and Opi polishes. I also really like the ULTA brand polishes. They are very durable and last longer without getting clumpy or watered down. I wouldn't buy a Chanel polish again. I feel like I didn't get my monies worth at all. I would've expected more for the price I paid for it.

recommended: no
Yes, it's nice, but not any nicer than OPI that's half the price. It's like people have to prove something to themselves and show off to their friends that they have superior ';named'; products. Superior named products are great if the product is made far better than lesser made ones, but not in this case.
I like it okay. I have found that OPI is so much more beautiful and durable. With Chanel, you're spending about $15 more dollars on a brand name, NOT a quality product.
First it is way to expensive. its like 18 dollars! 2nd, nobody is gonna walk up to you and be like,';hey love your chanel nailpolish!'; the drugstore stuff is just as good. nobody can tell the difference!
i've seen it before

never really had on my nails though

so i dont know

%26amp; why were brand name ';nail polish';

it goes on your nails its not like

it says chanel i dont get it for like accessories %26amp; clothing sure

its cute but nail polish not so sure
hi well i luv the colors

but the price is stupid because no one is gona know u hv chanel nail polish on

i think if you want a big selection of colors that will stay a long time go with OPI

its expensive but not nearly as much as chanel plus they stay WAYY longer
no because it probably cost alot and u can just get cheaper kind and after awhile the nail polish will come off your nails so its point less.

and its like ';hey guys i painted my nails with chanel'; and theyd be like ';oh cool';

and thats it.. dummbb
WTF is the point of Chanel nail polish? It's all made exactly the same as the cheap nail polish, and it won't even last that long. I can't believe all of the crap designers are making.
chanel lasts for YEARS all the cheap drugstore ones get all gunky after a month chanel ones last for YEARS with out getting thick and unusable!!
Yes, I love Chanel nail polish, especially the colors Blue Satin and Black Satin.
Yes its the best!! Its totally worth the price because it lasts forever and they have soo many cute colors!
I like the colors ( theres so many of them) Especially that Blue Opal shade. However it is expensive.
why waste your money on things like that when not many people can tell the diff between that and the stuff thats like 1 buck !
I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I have navy blue and black- they last for a long time and they stay shiny for a long time as well!
Chanel is actually a really good brand and yeah i lyk it

honestly, i like OPI nail polish and Revlon nail polish.

they are both pretty cheap and come in all kinds of cute colors!:]
yes, i love it!

i love all the colors they have, and they look really good on your nails and last a while.

yes I love it so much they have very vibrent colors and they look great on your nails

I honestly don't care what brand it is, as long as it looks nice, I like it.
yes!! i love them!! they look sooo good on me! and it lasts a long time!!!
NO... It's WAY too expensive!!
Any thing Chanel Rox
i luv it i use it alot
i love it!
love it !
no I have no reason just no!!!!! ok!!!!
for me any nail polish will do :)

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