Friday, May 14, 2010

What color nail polish is this? pic inside?

i really like the nail color in this picture. it almost looks like a french but not quite. it's kind of pearlish? is there a special name for that kind of thing?鈥?/a>What color nail polish is this? pic inside?
its an american manicure, it is a little softer and pinker than a french manicureWhat color nail polish is this? pic inside?
You could go to walgreens or someplace like that and look at the french tip packs that they have and it will be there it's just a clear off white. I have the same one but it doesnt say a specific color it's a SALLY HANSAEN maximum growh nourishing nail color.
EDIT::: american manicure... look at the link!!鈥?/a>
american manicure NOT a french manicure
It's a french manicure with natural pink underneath and clear ontop. I get it all the time.
american manicure probably
It looks like French to me...
french manicure! Try a sally hansen set, it comes with the strips to do it all! :-)
i am pretty sure its a french manicure. i
Pearly peach?
french tip but they didn't use the pink tint.
french i got mine like that i am sure thats it
either clear or a peach

only unless it is white part
that's like off white/pink
A white-ish pink-ish color.

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