Friday, May 14, 2010

Help, my nail polish won't stay on!?

I'm very busy with my hands, working, cleaning, cooking, ect. I haven't been able to find any polish that will stay on my nails, it just keeps chipping off. I've even tried that special gel and it peeled off in sheets. Does anyone have any ideas? My nails finally grew out real pretty and it would be a shame to loose them.Help, my nail polish won't stay on!?
If you are that tough on your hands, maybe you should try a shift away from color to another look that won't be so noticeable when it starts to wear off - like a french manicure. That way you don't have to change your lifestyle and can still have awesome looking nails. There is a great at-home french mani-like polish - here's the link..., my nail polish won't stay on!?
Try putting more than one 'layer' on and then use a clear top coat to protect.
Put on more layers but in thin coats. Be sure to apply a base coat first and finish off with a clear top coat for added protection.
You should perhaps use a top coat on top of your nails. OPI makes one called Chip Skip. I usually use OPI nail polish and haven't had any problems with the nail polish chipping off.
I would suggest trying Sally Hansen's ';Hard as Nails';. You should be able to find it at your local grocery or drug store. A double coat of that on top of your polish should do the trick!
Paint several coats of clear nail polish over the colour.
Maybe it is the polish you are wearing. Or don't wear any if you have so much housework that day.
make sure u use a base %26amp; topcoat when u do your nails...that will help keep the polish on a bit longer...also, use a good brand of polish, like o.p.i...having said that, nothing really worked for me, so i just have the acrylic nails put on, because then i don`t have to worry about breaking nails, chipping polish, etc...

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