Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What nail polish colour is the best for this summer?

summer....need cool nail polish colour..... tried a lot of colours....need new 1!!!What nail polish colour is the best for this summer?
Well whatever your wearing is the colour you would wear on your nails.

But dark colours obviously arnt in right now, bright summer colours are cool but i wouldnt wear different colours at the same time, id would totally stick to one at a time otherwise it would look tacky.

Yellow,Red, Orange And Pinkkk :D

Have fun this summer :)

Take careee!

xWhat nail polish colour is the best for this summer?
Go bright, summers about having fun and you can take it off after if you don't like it so try:

Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow those kind of colors, they might look a bit like crayons but who cares, again summers about having fun.

If you have fair skin, pick a sheer bright shade so its doesn't look TOO bright.

But if you aren't a fan a brights, I would suggest something like lilac, or even black, just whatever matches your outfit or whatever you like.

Hope that helps!
omg!!! yellow is sooo in right now, and it will be all summer!!!

orange is the new hot colour too!!! NOW GO TO THE SHOPS AND GET NAIL POLISH!!!!!!

big bags are also in, like try a big yellow or orange bag to match your nails!!!!!!!!
it's all about pastels and bright and warm colors this summer, i say a light pink, gold, light purple, stuff like that, simple and classy but pretty. you don't want obnoxius colors like yellow.
I think coral is lovely.

The big trend for this season is over-the-top nailart. Check this week's Grazia for cool ideas (:
Bright colours would be the best...But it would sometimes depend on your skin tones....Try some bright colours on and see which ones suit you the best!
Orange seems to be the colour this year!
ok well this summer colours are meant to be bright and neon

but if you want just wear the colour of oyur outfit
lots of bright colours co-oridinate it with your out fit lots of yellows pinks light greens
It's not yellow.

Its golden.

Thats whats in right now.
yellow and green!!! looks lovely
dont listen to her yellow and green looks like you smoke to much just wear what colour goes with ur outfit
light pink is the best

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