Monday, May 10, 2010

HELP! how do u get nail polish off your face?

i was doing my nails yesterday and since it was a cotton candy colour i thought i rubbed it off, its just beside the outercorner of my eye. so wen i woke up this morning it was still there and i dont really want to use nail polish remover cuz unno if it will do anything to my skin.HELP! how do u get nail polish off your face?
Stay calm, and try Vaseline first. Make more then one attempt. It should wear off by itself. If necessary use non acetone nail polish remover only, being very careful and just dabbing, do not tear or drag on your skin. Here too make only gentle attempts gently and repeat a few times, by just having a little moisture on a clean hankie, in order to avoiding getting anything to close or into your eye. I am certain you will not make this mistake again. best of luckHELP! how do u get nail polish off your face?
Thanks Sigrid, yes indeed it is good to be very careful with the eye area, I am amazed at some of the answers. God Bless you

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you can use nail polish remover but it will sitng on any cuts and stuff so i suggest a nail brush that you can get at any drug store and jus scub it will come off very easily :)

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Get a Q-tip, dip said q-tip in alcohol or nail polish remover, and there ya go.
just use some nail polish remover on a cotton ball swab, then use a cold wash rag and wipe over the entire area that you used the remover on. dont get it on you hands (fingertips) then rubb your eyes because that will really sting. also if you have really sensitive skin use a moisturizer like eb5 after you rinse it with cold water. it shouldnt do much to your skin on your face, but if it does use moisturizer 2-5 times daily and the dryness or irritation should go away. but dont use too much moisturizer otherwize your face will get really oily and the irritation might not go away even though the dryness will.
Use nailpolish remover then go back with a washcloth or somthing and whip your face to make sure the remover doesn't get in your eye because it could burn really bad.
u can use nail polish remover, it wont do anything

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