Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What nail polish colors are in right now?

It doesn't matter whats in.All that matters is what you like.What nail polish colors are in right now?
Wear what you like, in my opinon. But if you are going for something trendy - gray was in this fall/winter and looks like it is going to continue well into the spring/summer. White is a really big colour this spring, but it takes some looking to find what white looks best on your skin tone. Yellow looks like it might be big this summer.What nail polish colors are in right now?

Winter 2009 hot nail trends
jade greens and electric blues

shimmer is nice, sparkle is great, especially with a plain outfit, your nails are a nice eyecatching yet not flashy accessory
Neutral colors
i think is black cuz alot of people and my school wear black so im thinking its black
birght, neon colors.

alot of people have been wearing them
light colors with sparkles.
neutrals %26amp;%26amp; pastels.

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