Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can you MIX NAIL POLISH colors?

hey i wanna make maroon nail polish but i dont wanna buy it. is it possible to mix two color together or not? if so what two colors would make maroon?

thanx =]Can you MIX NAIL POLISH colors?
you could, but i wouldnt recommend it, you probably wont get the color your looking for.. i say you should buy it. :)

they have good prices at walmart. lol. :))Can you MIX NAIL POLISH colors?
Yes you can.My source is that I have a sister that owned and operated a nail salon and many of the customers would experiment in mixing different colors together to make one they desired.
Oh, I'm not sure but I saw an article from a fashion mag and it says it's ok to mix some colors together. So, go ahead and try it but it might be very messy.
Black and red. Drop a few drops of black into the red bottle.
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