Friday, May 14, 2010

I need a tough nail polish?

I work retail and even some of the stronger nail poilshes chip in one day does anyone know of a good chip proof nail polish...I would just like it to last for more than a day or twoI need a tough nail polish?
Get a diamond dust polish. They are a bit more expensive, but they last forever. The polish doesn't chip off, and they help keep your own nails from chipping and breaking.

I've never tried the Diacote, but the Opi works great. You can get it locally, but I buy off eBay to save myself some money. need a tough nail polish?
go get a manacure at a salon...find an OPI brand polish...they are really good about not chiping.....and you can get 2 manicures for the price of one bottle....yor ou can buy it at ULTA and its about $12 to $15 a bottle...but when you think about it you can paint your nails like 25 times with one bottle
OPI i work in a fast food place and i have to do a lot and my nails never chip of when I use OPI nail polish.
i have found that its not the brand of polish that works as much as the way u apply it, i have run a cash register with long nails and i found the only way to get the polish to stay on is to get a true colorless base coat,apply color coat,then a top coat making sure that u coat the tips of ur nails and get under the tips as well and i usually put 2 coats of the top coat, make sure each coat drys completely.
opi or jessica
OPI brand polish. I handel millions of herrings every day,and I still retain a great mani.
I just found Revlon ColorStay 2 polish system. It works wonders for me. 1 polish is the color and the other is a clear polish. They are sold together in the package. It was the longest lasting stuff that I have ever used. It stayed on for about a week before it chipped!!!

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