Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What do you think about black nail polish?

Love it.

It's the only polish color I wearWhat do you think about black nail polish?
I hate it. it looks like crap when it's all chipped up and it's very hard to keep looking nice for long. I also think that it's too dark, I like when nail polish is bright and colorful.What do you think about black nail polish?
According to Teen Vogue, it's out of style.

I hate it, to be completely honest. Truthfully, I hate everything out of style.
I'm not into the gothic look, but if you wear it with a regular outfit, it can look very stylish.
i usedd to alwayss wearr itt

like i wore it before it was ';stylish';

but noww i like just dark coulerrs XD
It's great only if you wear dark colors, which I don't unless you count dark wash jeans.
not a fan,

although i like navy or dark purple:)
It looks good with dark clothes.
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