Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can you put nail polish on your lips and if you do what will happen after wards and is it safe?

you shouldnt put nailpolish anywhere but your nails its poisonCan you put nail polish on your lips and if you do what will happen after wards and is it safe?
bahahahhahah! wow, thats soo stupid. hav u ever even smelled nailpolish!%26gt;!%26gt; u can smell every bit of poisen! my gawd?!??? idiotCan you put nail polish on your lips and if you do what will happen after wards and is it safe?
if you put nail polish on your lips, it dries and hardens, dryin and chapping your lips as well. don't try it. stick to lipstick, lip balm or even lip gloss.
no its not safe.. ppl say its poison
You must be serious and a total


Why would you want polish on your lips???

If nothing more, use Vaseline....

Total Idiot
it would burn. please dont do this!! use a good lipstick, gloss or lip pencil
That has got to be the most rediculous thing I've heard all day.

Don't do it.. just.. Don't.
Why would you want to put such stinky stff so close to your nose?
are you kidding? Don't put nail polish on your lips, you lips are tender and it would hurt them. How would you get it off, you can't put nail polish remover on them. I'm sorry but that is a dumb idea.
Well i put nail polish on my lips once thinking it was lip gloss and nothing happened, my lips were verry smooth but i sont imagine that its a healthy thing to do, your lips are a sensitive part on your body! and you should treat them with respect:P

Hope i helped

If you really want a different color for your lips it's called lipstick!
u can put nail polish on ure lips, but if u do, there's a high possibility that u mite lick some, and the chemicals inside manicure wunt be good for ure body. Also, ure lips culd get agitated, and, they wuld probably harden becuz of the nail polish.
No, don't do that! It won't poison you, unless you drink it, but it contains acetone and will dry and crack your lips. Only use products for what they're made for.
Try it and let us know what happens!
it is highly toxic and would make you very, very sick
It's not safe at all not even for one time. Allergic reaction or chemical burn to the sensitive skin of your lips is a big bad thing that is very likely to happen. If used repeatedly the chemicals seeping in your skin can do harm to your liver and other organs.

Even if you don't care about safety it's going to look awful and your lips are going to hurt like crazy from cracking and peeling of your skin.

If you want to describe what look you are going for then I may be able to tell you a cosmetic product to use.
you might peel off your boyfriends lips when you kiss.
I've done it before when I was little and me mum would'nt give me lipstick. It burned and dried up on my lips.
no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nail polish is toxic it could kill you
Im assuming it will burn, and not be good for your lips since there really sensitive
DON'T DO IT!! it would burn like fire!!!
no! don't put nail polish on your lips! i don't really want to know what would happen
ouchies...it's not good for you..it would crack and peel and be hard to get off...
o lol. good luck with that, ive never done it.
no no no no no no no no no no did I say no... NO! never do that! it would dry and harden on your lips and totally ruin them. Most nail polish also has toxic chemicals in it and you wouldn't want those in your system because they are um... toxic. so NEVER do that!
well 1 thing u have 2 keep your lips drie and ur lips will look 2 dark

and if u keep yr lips drie there get chaped and it will be hard to not lick ur lips when yr sleeping

No, No and No. I don't think it is safe. For fingernails only.
It is not a good idea


  1. You Aint Gotta Be Harsh About It ๐Ÿ˜’. Some People Like Trying Things If You Ever Heard Of That ๐Ÿ’ฏ.

  2. i tried it once and it made my lips burn and to this day i believe thats why my lips arent growing