Friday, May 14, 2010

Is nail polish really necessary?

I dont get the point of this...Is nail polish really necessary?
nope...u dont have to wear it if u dont want to...but u can match it with ur outfits and stuff to makes ur hands look cute with jewlery and ur sense of fashion and style..but it also makes ur nails stronger and make them grow isnt nessiscary but there arnt any downsides to wearing itt=)Is nail polish really necessary?
Nail polish is just an accessory like anything else. It just adds a little color or design to a person's look.
Maybe not, but the clear stuff applied to car scrathes stops rust.
I find that nail Polish is too time consuming. I would rather have nothing on my nails, or have it done professionally. When I do it myself I tend to muff it up.
No, nail polish is stupid. I don't much mind BLACK nail polish from time to time though.
It looks good. Just like lipstick. You could always just buff your nails.
Nail polish is not necessary, but it makes your hands look prettier, especially if you wear jewelry on your hands. In addition, nail polish helps your nails maintain strength.
If you want to wear nail polish wear it, if you don't see the point don't wear it. Simple as that!!
wat kind of question is this
It is not necessary, as long as you have clean and welllooked after nails. It is purely a matter iof choice if you like trhe glamour colours or girly loks, or maybe heavy metal loks, or punk rock, or romantic etc.l
Well it could look really pretty with Ur outfit n ur shoes n make up n all that but not every women like yea its not necessary but nice
If you don't want to wear it that's fine. No point in stressing over it. It's an accessory not a necessity.

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