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I'm pregnant and crave nail polish to sniff why and how do i stop this?

im 35 weeks pregnant and i crave nail polish to inhale and i do this once a day..i cant stop what should i do...i just love the smell of chemicals is there any1 else like this....I'm pregnant and crave nail polish to sniff why and how do i stop this?
I found this online... You should stop sniffing nail polish immediately....

Hello Alice,

I love toxic smells, such as exhaust fumes, gasoline, permanent markers, and nail polish; they're so much more alluring than the more conventionally appreciated aromas of fresh bread or flowers. What could be better than the rich yet ethereal scent of exhaust fumes wafting by on a sharp winter breeze? I am wondering how bad smelling these fumes is, nail polish in particular. I will often whip out a bottle of nail polish and sniff it, not to get high but because it smells good. Am I killing myself? Does it cause cancer? Your advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Toxic Issues

Dear Toxic Issues,

This Classic Alice! answer to a past reader, concerned about a friend who sniffs lighter fluid, should help clear the air for you.

Dear Reader,

Lighter fluid, like gasoline, model airplane glue, paint thinner, varnish, nail polish remover, and even some types of cover-up products, are members of the organic solvent, or volatile organic compound (VOC), family. Like the effects of low-dose anesthesia, the pungent fumes of these chemicals produce a lightheaded and hot feeling. Because of their toxicity, organic solvents can also lead to dizziness and nausea. Many heavy solvent sniffers report altered states of consciousness, complete with visual hallucinations and vivid dreamlike experiences while awake.

For many young people 鈥?especially eleven to thirteen year olds 鈥?inhalation of solvent fumes, also called ';huffing,'; is their first chemically induced high. This makes sense given that these agents are legal, cheap, and readily available around the house. For the most part, light use of solvents for getting high does not directly cause mental or physical harm; since 1970, however, there has been a steady rise in ';sudden sniffing death'; due to VOC-induced heart attacks and asphyxiation. Other problems arise when disoriented users drive, cross busy streets, and do other activities that require sharp judgment and reflexes. Some links have been made between birth defects and mothers who sniffed solvents while PREGNANT.

Serious consequences are more likely as exposure to these compounds rises 鈥?particularly among workers in industrial plants, where ventilation and protective equipment are inadequate. The fumes produced by these substances are taxing to the respiratory system and liver, and can cause loss of consciousness and brain damage in extreme cases. By the way, good ventilation is critical, wherever and however organic solvents in any quantity are being used.

AliceI'm pregnant and crave nail polish to sniff why and how do i stop this?
STOP IT do you know you are hurting your baby, you are like a teenager sniffing glue shame on you
This could be a version of PICA - a condition that many pregnant women get that makes them crave non-edible things like dirt, etc. You should talk to your doctor asap. Not only is the fumes dangerous for you and your baby but it could signal that you have a nutritional or hormone imbalance. You dont have that long to go before the baby arrives..... talk to your doctor, get some support and do what is the most healthy until the baby arrives.

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  1. You forgot to mention that pregnanxy can cause this xraving while talking about not to do it. Pica can abd does cause it. See your ob. Talk about it.