Friday, May 14, 2010

Which colour nail polish to put?[ easy question]?

i have light pink,pink,red,glitter,transparent,opaque white,hologram effect,peach,lilac and glitter white.

i am going out today to a b'day and am 12 and plan to wear a black lacy skirt and spagetti sequenced top.also submit nail art designs if u canWhich colour nail polish to put?[ easy question]?
Try this design :

1-Paint a coat of clear nail varnish to protect the nail

2-Paint a base coat of black nail varnish

3-Once dry , Draw a diagonal line across the nail from each corner in white , let dry.

4-Once dry fill in one side with whatever colour you like colors like red and blue go well.

5-Let Dry , for extra protection paint a coat of clear to seal the pattern ,

This design is good as it goes with everything as you can change the colours .

Hope This Helps

xWhich colour nail polish to put?[ easy question]?
If you can, go get a French Manicure. In my opinion, it's the cleanest, yet sexiest look and would go great with your outfit. Red would work too and would give you a more ';vampish'; look. Have fun!!
DEFINITELY piink! - cutee! - anndd yea, sweet but not slutty! x
light pink

its nice and sweet, and not trashy or slutty, it can also be classy so it would go with your look :)
Go for peach with a layer of transluscent glitter on top! Very summery!
Go red.

Try pink with glitter :]

red is safer...

but if you wanna experiment... try to combine both white and red....
do light pink or lavander
light pink :)
try pink! it's trendy :)

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