Friday, May 14, 2010

So, what do you look for when buying nail polish..?

ex: price, packaging, colour.

Poll: what's your fav colour of nail polish?

Thank you. :)So, what do you look for when buying nail polish..?
I usually buy is my favorite but I have this awesome bright pink on my toes right now.So, what do you look for when buying nail polish..?
I normally go for bright neon colours, but i think the price plays a big part too. Obviously i'm not gonna buy the cheapest brand, as it won't be of very good quality, so i normally pay about...拢3.00 a bottle? I don't have a particular favourite brand, but Rimmel London seems quite good.
generally the nail polish i buy is $3-$6 but sometimes i buy OPI which is like $8, i don't know what you mean by packaging but my favorite colors are My Chiuauah Bites in OPI and Glamorous in Sinful Colors which is sort of a teal color. :)
I always look for the really dark and naughty colors:] The dark blood reds, or the blacks. I am not so much into the sparkle of pink colors, or the ones that just look tacky. I also dont spend too much on them either.

Favorite color is black or maroon red.
I look for color, and um, price, and i Loooove Sinful Color, because it is great and cheap, go to walgreens if you want reallly cheap and awesome nail polish, my fave color is orange and hot pink for my toe nails anyway
Color, I always buy the OPI nail polish because it drys up very fast and makes my nails look very shiny and professional, plus I noticed that they tend to last longer.

My fav color is a very light light pink
Price, packaging doesn't matter, color is up in the air.

The cheaper nail polish is better, it last longer and you only need to apply one coat.
Bright colours, The brightest i can find.

nail varnish without the little ball insidee, good varnish now comes without.

quick dry.

metallic is nice.

I like NYC nail polish, because they have lots of different colors and it lasts as long as I need it to without being expensive :]
Pinks, light colors, maybe lime green, something exotic. Depends on my mood. =]
I like clear nail polish. Or a peachy colour. Gold is nice, also.
I like E.L.F. nail polish :)
Ilike them Neon colours and i look at the colour first then the bottle it's in...lolz it has to be hip
BRIGHT COLORS. or just different colors in general. Sparkly ones. I Like to experiment

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