Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Girls question on nail polish?

are you wearing nail polish on your toes? if so, what color!Girls question on nail polish?
i was wearing purple!! but took it off when it started to chip (which was like 1 day lol)Girls question on nail polish?
I always wear the same color on my toenails as on my fingernails. i don't know what color I have on today because my 11 year old granddaughter used hers on me. It is a nice shade of mauve, though. She has 14 bottles of polish. How many colors do you have?
Yeah I am wearing some on my toes, not my fingers because it chips way too quickly on my fingers since I play piano, softball, I fix meals, and do stuff like that with my hands.

My toes right now are hot pink.

Im wearing a really awesome color.

The polish color is really a soft baby blue, but when you get into the sunlight, it turns into a funky light purple!

It's called, Del Sol.

yupp...french all the wayyy! its great cus it matches everything annnd...its cute. i always have a french on. both. fingers and toes....btw,,,,,1. will there be a best answer for this 2. y did u even ask???...

I rarely wear that color nailpolish but I had a special occassion to go to last Saturday and the dress I wore had red on it.
Hi Hun =]]]

well yeah i have it on my toes and my fingernails

i have a neon green it looks awesome
I just did my nails a few minutes ago--OPI's holy pink pagoda's.
Never go without it. Even in winter. Baby pink, with irridescent glitter!!!
pink on my toes and lime green and yellow on my fingers :)
Yes, a deep red color.
No.:( My toenails are too short for polish! I have to keep them clipped short for dance!
yes and the color is summer orange
Used to be pink

Now i have a a pedicure and its a french tip

I am wearing red on both my nails and my toes!It makes my feet look tanned :)
yes purple and red on myfingernails
yeah....its silverish white...
Yes, hot pink :)
french mani
but of course its a turquoise and pink sparkles on my fingers
yep pink :) might take itoffnput black on tho :S
yes NEON PINK!!!!
yea i have a french mani and pedi =D
hot pink!
yup blackkk
yes pink
yeahh light pink [=
yes dark blue
black...bright red....it look so sexy on fair ppl

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