Monday, May 10, 2010

Guys-what do u think of girls wearing nail polish?

do like it when we wear it or would u rather have us not wear it.or do u just not notice itGuys-what do u think of girls wearing nail polish?
I certainly notice it, but I usually pay attention to people's different styles. When a girl paints her nails her favorite color, but then does not wear that color, it usually doesn't look good. I think it is very cute when a girl has her nails a complementary color to what she is wearing. Ridiculously bright colors can work for SOME people and with SOME outfits. When in doubt, something like a clear coat with french tips usually looks good.

Often I see (especially younger) girls that have cracked and patchy nail polish that they've worn for too long. This is not attractive to me. A nice coat can make a girl sexier, though. Hope this helps!

(For the record, I'm not gay lol... just a model)Guys-what do u think of girls wearing nail polish?
I like it, it's girly. Doesn't really matter if you do/don't, though. Some guys have a nail polish/long fingernail fetish. Let them answer.
I love it.
It doesnt make much of a difference
it doesnt make a big difference but i like it when they do

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