Monday, May 10, 2010

Help removing nail polish?

I need to remove nail polish off my nails asap but I've lost my nail polish remover.

Are there any alternative methods to remove nail polish other than using the remover on it?Help removing nail polish?
Try acetone or just soak them in some hot water for a while.Help removing nail polish?
Rubbing alcohol
just go to cvs pharmacy or walgreens and get a nail polish remover or alcohol
try anything, but why would you need to get them off that quickly? try scrubbing them in the sink with soap and water.

tell me if it works
you should

try using

rubing alchol

and cotton

balls. Trust

me I

no what

your going

through. lmao
you can use achole to remove it its the same thing
Try really sticky tape, like packing tape. Cut squares a little bigger then your nails and put them on your nails sticky side down. Press it down firmly. Make sure it is stuck to all of the nail polish. Then pull it off, it should take of most of the nail polish.
Acetone, paint stripper, oven cleaner maybe

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