Monday, May 10, 2010

Help please! Nail Polish Remover Madness....?

I have a white computer desk. It is glossy and has a thin layer of plastic before it gets to the wood. I spilt a bit of nail polish remover on an edge of it and there is not a really rough spot that is a slightly lighter color then the rest of the desk. I think that this is a thin layer just before the wood. I've been trying to find the best way to handle this... Some websites say to cover it with mayonaise or oil... Some say to rub it with a thin bit of sand stone stuff. Can someone tell me the ABSOLUTE best way to fix this? And don't say 'call a furniture fixing man' because Ive thought of that already. o_O thanks!Help please! Nail Polish Remover Madness....?
to get rid of the roughness try rubbing babyoil on it.....the lighter color is going to be a little tougher.....try buying a white lundry close to the color as you canHelp please! Nail Polish Remover Madness....?
just lightly sand it and apply a bit of clear coat. like in a spray can. just remember to cover what you don't want sprayed!
not much you can do there.. if its particle board and raised up. its like sawdust. it will get worse over time... most you could do is scratch it out and apply some filler and try to touchup with paint
just buy a new one

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