Monday, May 10, 2010

Is it true betty ford used to drink nail polish remover while drunk?

I thought i heard that former first lady betty ford was such a drunk that she used to drink nail polish remover and cold medicine to get drunk/high? is this true - or I'm mixin her up with someone else famous.Is it true betty ford used to drink nail polish remover while drunk?
I heard Kitty Dukakis did.Is it true betty ford used to drink nail polish remover while drunk?
your the one who ask the question fool. people were trying to help you get your facts right, if this is what you do for fun you need and life, and a brain asswhole

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Who cares. She did a lot of good for a lot of people. Not many people can leave this world with any kind of accomplishments.

I guess you did not know she started the Betty Ford clinic and had the intregrity to admit her problems to the world.
Betty Ford was indeed an alcoholic. She recovered and even opened a clinic for others with the condition. I think that drinking nail polish remover would kill you though. Acetone is toxic. But hey, Betty Ford was cool! She wore mood rings, was pro choice, open about pre marital sex and MJ use. The cons HATED her, but she had a 75% approval rating.
Drunks will do anything but hey she is fine now and has been for a long time,
I doubt that is true. The nail polish remover probably would have killed her.
I dont know, but I have done many stupid things in the past when

intoxicated. Luckily I survived and those around me and am now

unenchanted with alcohol.
Be kind, she was on pain killers and got hooked on them. She didn't try to hide her problems hoping to help others starting the Betty Ford rehab clinic.
I think you're mistaking her for Kitty Dukakis, wife of former Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis.
Nail Polish remover is hydro carbon compound called Acetone and you cannot survive if you drink that.So some body must have made this story.I am amazed at the foolishness.
it was not nail polish remover, that would kill someone, she did get sick because she drank rubbing alcohol. that's when they knew she had to go to rehab.

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