Monday, May 10, 2010

Dark purple or dark blue nail polish?

im going 2 the mountains this weekend, which color would better suit that.

i have a dk blue coad, sweatshirt and shirt...

gracias!Dark purple or dark blue nail polish?
Dark Purple! blue is kinda whorish? Sorry if that hurts anyones feelings.

?;…Dark purple or dark blue nail polish?
i think dark purple because if you are wearing alot of clothing with dark blue and have dark blue nail polish it doesnt look good

and dark purple is a much better color (for me at least)
I think dark purple. Purple is on fashion right now.
dark blue. why does that matter anyways? :)
Dark blue babes!
Dark purple %26lt;33
dark blue.
dark purple's in!
dark blue
dark blue be pretty!
dark purple
dark blue

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