Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What color nail polish should i wear?

it would have to go with gold open toed shoes and a darker green dressWhat color nail polish should i wear?
green or gold. Light pink. FrenchWhat color nail polish should i wear?
i thin something like this brown would be nice :


or maybe this green that is unusual :

i would have to say that you should wear a black or a gold...don't go with green...the colors could end up clashing and green is a hard color to get off because it is so dark.
i think if you want to match try to find the color of your dress but if your wearing gold shoes i wouldnt do gold...or what i think would look the best would be french manicure!!!! hope i helped
Maybe you should get a French Manicure... It goes great with ANYTHING!!! You can learn how to do French Manicures on Google... Just search ';how to do french manicure at home';...
Deep purple (to keep with the jewel tones), clear,light green, or nude color. Not red, you'd look a tad too Christmas-y.
If you could find a nail varnish that matches the colour of the dress that would be good. If not maybe gold/silver
You would want to go with a darker green color and a gold purse.
You could where black nail polish... or maybe just do a clear coat. Go simple.
A light green or maybe even a red would be bold
either gold to match your shoes.... or a shade of green that is lighter than your green dress
french manicure maybe with some black nail art patterns
maybe a light green or silver
green or gold nails!!
french tip

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