Saturday, January 23, 2010

Men with nail polish vs men with earrings?

earrings were only worn by women.Now a lot of men wear them and nobody says a thing.

On the other hand when a man has polished long nails (like me) he gets remarks like it is girly, gay, weird......

please explaineMen with nail polish vs men with earrings?
I think the nail polish thing is like the earing thing was several years ago. People are just used to seeing it on girls, so when a guy wears it, most people think it's girly. In about 5 five years, if straight guys keep wearing nail polish, it will probably be like the earring thing.Men with nail polish vs men with earrings?
I like earrings on a guy, but to a minimum, and I don't think it is weird if a guy goes and gets manni-pedi's,, clear coat of course, because that just shows that he takes really good care of himself
first of all, i hate guys who wear earings. It's the biggest turn off for me. Second of all, if your not gay then I'm sorry but it's really weird that you wear nailpolish. But they're both not normal.
well it depends on if its like pink or some odd color thats usually not associated with males.

Either way its ur life. Go all out man. Rock them sparkly pink nails if thats what floats ur boat =)
I like men gruff and tough

no polish or jewelry
I'd never have either, but I don't judge...

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