Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is the best non-chipping nail polish you can buy?

I live in USA (IL)What is the best non-chipping nail polish you can buy?
personally - i swear by old fashioned revlon! use their top speed base coat, polish, top speed top coat. i type and use my hands to lift, haul scrub, etc and have no problems with chippiing!!!What is the best non-chipping nail polish you can buy?
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some of the more expensive kind like OPI or sometimes if you put just a normal nail polish on and then like an opi clear coat it will stay on thats what i do!!
Avon is the only brand that works for me-and I've tried them all. Call 1-800-for-Avon for a representative-or go to Plus all avon products have a money back guarantee. What other brands can you say that about?
i heard O.P.I is good.
theres this thing called a NAIL SALON !!!! (dont you know anything)
I tried rimmel london 60 second (really takes 5min) nail polish and it had absolutely no chipping for 3 days.
If u want the best u gotta pay,no cheap polishes. Bourjois %26amp; Chanel are the very best...they are actually the same company. For a base coat, top coat and even some other treatment polishes the brand to get is Bourjois, another maybe a lil less expensive brand is OPI. But Bourjois is the Best! For color all three lines offer great polishes but again my top picks are Bourjois %26amp; Chanel.
The best that I've tried are Avon and Revlon. They are a lot more inexpensive the OPI etc., and they work great!
I have had a lot of success with (believe it or not) Avon. I take it to the nail saloon and that is all I use, and I can 2 or 3 weeks without it chipping.

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