Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can someone recommend a brand of nail polish that doesn't chip?

i know nail polish chips but i want it to last at least 5 days without having to do touch ups.

i cant stand chipped nail polishCan someone recommend a brand of nail polish that doesn't chip?
All nail polish chips due to the natural cycle of your body. To start off well, make sure that you start off with clean, dry nails and always use a primer or basecoat. Those will ensure that your nail polish lasts longer. If you have a higher budget, OPI is a really good brand. It doesn't chip easily and has really great colours. If you're looking for something more economical, try Sally Hansen or Revlon. Their nail polish is also really good quality with some great colours too.Can someone recommend a brand of nail polish that doesn't chip?
OPI, Its like $7 for a bottle but it stays forever!
o.p.i or china glaze but remember any nail polish with a base and top coat would last longer
O.P.I is an extremely good brand and

A few of the NYC Color polishes have done good for me.
agreeing with the rest OPI is amazinggg
I have found the best way to keep it from chipping is to paint a clear coat over the polish after it is dry.
i also suggest using OPI but if you put a clear coat on top of any nail polish it will last longer.
Honestly, your nail polish is going to chip no matter what you use, but if you use a nail buffing block and this stuff called ';No More Chips'; as a base coat, whatever polish you have probably isn't going to chip. My favorite polish is OPI though
i like OPI. it still chips but it seems like it lasts longer. and invest in a good top coat cause that really helps.
Most nail polish you can buy in a nice salon will be best, OPI is a great example. But, if you are hard on your nails, any polish will chip.

I would try filing your nails with a really fine file, tips and nail, every part you can see, putting on a good basecoat, 1-2 THIN layers of polish and a thin layer of finish coat.

If a particular part of your nail seems to chip more, (for me it is around the tip), try to touch up the clear coat every few days in that area.
OPI works fabulous! its pricy though, about $7-$9 a bottle. Spehora has a lot!
I find that when I wear nail polish with glitter in it it stays a lot longer. . .don't know if your a glittery type of gal or not. . .lol.

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