Saturday, January 23, 2010

GUys, do you like when girls wear nail polish?

what color do you like?...GUys, do you like when girls wear nail polish?
i know that guys love a french manicure, my male friends always say it looks hotGUys, do you like when girls wear nail polish?
i think you should think just at if you like and what you like , don't try to do what others like , cause everyone wants somethings Else and this is how you will loose your own expectations and Desiree's
Sure! I like dark red.
yea nail-polish is ok .. but dont try dark colours .. i like it when my gf puts light colours on her sweet lil fingers .
Hi! Uh....I'm not trying to be crude but I really don't think men prefer or not prefer nail polish colors or nail polish at all. I mean men generally don't look at nails on a woman. They look in other places. And if I had to choose a color for a woman to wear I guess the best answer would be ';whatever makes you feel happy';
red is nice an so is clear! especially when she is wearing nothing but nail polish
brilliant question! i never thought about that. im not a guy, sorry, but.. i think they have a yes or no for whether we should wear it, but what color is probably all the same to most of them.

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