Saturday, January 23, 2010

What nail polish looks best on your phone?

pink or green? ...or orangeWhat nail polish looks best on your phone?
i would put cute little stickers instead of nail polish but i would say pick for the nail polishWhat nail polish looks best on your phone?
Don't paint it! Get a cell cover on ebay! I swear by them! They are pretty cheap and you can accessorize with them!
are you serious? how ghetto-fabulous of you

ps - you know they actually make cell phones that are GREEN and PINK!?????????????
That is kind of ghetto, not gonna lie.
haha pretty ghetto

i like how you is

orange maybe?

ive never really seen an orange phone
Girly girl: Pink

Tom Boy: Green

Sort of both: Orange

[I consider orange, a bright sunshiney fun-good day color.];鈥?/a>
nail polish on a phone? are you kidding me?
ORANGEEE!! definettly .... i painted mine orange and i LOVEE it!!
don't do it! i used to have this nail polish obsession and polished everything like jewelry and stuff. it ruins it and you will regret it.
nail polish?phone? try puffy paint. that works the best. plus when you get bored of it, just peel it off and start over!

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