Saturday, January 23, 2010

GIRLS:why is some nail polish sooooo expensive?

i was looking for some and some was like 50 bucks for 1 and in another store it was like 5 dollars for a packGIRLS:why is some nail polish sooooo expensive?
It has a lot to do with the name brand. I've never seen any polish for fifty dollars, but I guess anything is possible. I've had great luck with much cheaper brands. I pay only a few dollars a bottle at the most.GIRLS:why is some nail polish sooooo expensive?
Some designers are stupid and wanna just make more moola, OR there is really good nailpolishes with qualities such as non chip or super shine or whatever. some really cheap ones can be horrible, usually for littler kids. I like around 5-15 dollar ones, like Sally Hanson Diamond Strength or OPI. it also depends wheere you get it: theres a biggg difference between Juicy Couture and Walgreens. I like Sephora for Nailpolish.

hope it helps

wow, I've never seen nail polish for $50

maybe it's the products they put in it


I guess it depends on what ingredients they put in their nail polish.

It can also be brand name too.
its the brand name
depends on brand! i like OPI and its like 15 euros, dont know in american sorry

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