Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is it weird for guys to have nail polish? ?

I'm a real dude, and I really like to mess around with fashions such as hair, clothes, and sometimes makeup for fun. I want to polish my nails red,,,is that cool or am i a fool.Is it weird for guys to have nail polish? ?
All my friends are guys,


And a few color their nails black

But every ones different...

Testing style is what makes you, you :]

And i wouldn't change that for anything or anyone.

Don't have any doubts about yourself,

Because low self esteem is definitely unattractive.

And make-up, hair styles, and nails...

Can't hide ugliness inside :P

I wish yiu the best of luck :]

And be WHO

Who YOU want to be :D






-Is it weird for guys to have nail polish? ?
If you love doing something then why not?

I usually keep my toenails painted all the time. Like right now there are painted ';OPI Russian Navy.'; Sometimes I paint my fingernails and even gave blood at a red cross blood drive with red painted nails, the nurses there thought it was cool for a guy and Im was really comfortable doing it.

It does not mean your gay, or sending the wrong message, it's all in how people react and how much you care or don't care what other people think.. Explore, experiment, it takes guts and who is getting hurt.

BTW-There's nothing in nail polish that all-of-a-sudden makes someone gay, not that there's anything wrong with that.
If you're a ';real dude'; why are you wearing makeup? Caring a ton about your appearance is effeminate enough, but makeup? I don't see how in the world you think you can pass as a man with red nails and makeup. Sorry, but I'm being real. Women like men for their personality, appearance, and success. As long as you're overweight, jeans and a tee will fly. We're not picky about what men wear because we know most have no idea when it comes to fashion and we forgive them for it. So ditch the makeup and the polish and never think about it again.
The answer to your question is NO - nail polishes were made for every person not just women. It's currently stereotypical that nail polishes should only be worn by woman but in fact, men can wear it too - it's also, a fashion trend for teenagers currently. Men who wear these, ain't necessarily gay.
I wouldn't do it but doesnt mean you shouldn't. Dont listen to these people %26amp; do what your heart desires. Depending on your style, it might look cool on you. Personally though, I only like to experiment with my hair because that's my greatest accessory.
The colour i see many guys wear on nails is black, red might also be seen as punk.. moreso if its scratched.

personally i would think its strange, but if by makeup you are talking about eyeliner/shadow thats cool and if you are into fashion thats also good
i have a little question... are you a home-sexual? if not some punk guys wear like black nail polish, like the ';emos'; or ';sceen'; what ever you want to call them....
go for it. i have a friend in the air force, and i still paint his nails, only cammo green now
your a fool

and might be mistaken for a gay male.
that aint cool AT ALL !!

nail polish is made for GIRLS
ur a fool dont do it unless ur flaming gay
its a bit wierd, but ive seen it done, so up ta u

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