Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where can you get non-toxic cat nail polish?

Soft paws nail caps come in colors. those are non-toxic.Where can you get non-toxic cat nail polish?
They have something like that for dogs, maybe some pet groomers might have some? or check out ebay or one of these sites

*I copied and pasted the last part of something I found*

Please do not use these on unless your dog or cat is over 12 weeks old. You can purchase the Color Paw nail polish at,,, Ebay or for $3.24 a bottle. If you are interested in the nail polish remover pads you can find them at,, or Ebay for under $8.00. The nail polish remover pads will last you a very long time so they are worth the price.

hope that helped :)Where can you get non-toxic cat nail polish?
I don't think such a thing exists. And even if you find something 'non-toxic', your cat will try to lick it off. Anything non-toxic can become toxic if you have too much of it, even water.
If you think you can paint her claws, go ahead and try to. Please have a camcorder ready, and put the resulting video on Youtube!

I really want to see this...
You shouldn't do it period for you and your cats well being the cat will get mad at you it did for me and attacked
why would you want to torture your cat like that? If you want to dress something up, get a doll.
Thats ******* disgusting. Leave the poor cat alone!
why would you want to paint your cats claws?

toxic or non-toxic.. its still sick!
eww! I hope your cat scratches you.
ok dont put nailploish on that poor cat that's just not right

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