Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poll: Do you think black nail polish is chic or emo/gothic?

It's either, you can look at celebrities and see the likes of avril, pete doherty and victoria beckham all wearing itPoll: Do you think black nail polish is chic or emo/gothic?
I can be both.

If you have dark skin tone or dark hair or are wear a black shirt black most likely wont look as best a s it could

If you have light clothes and light skin tone or hair it will look good.

But black is a winter color not a summer

So to answer your question if you wear black or dark colors a lot yes it would be considered Gothic and Emo

Other wise it will go normal. never preppyPoll: Do you think black nail polish is chic or emo/gothic?
i personally think that its based on how you pull it off,

example: your clothes, your personality, physical appearance (make-up, hair)

majority of people would think its emo though,

im not emo at all and i had all black nails and i put eyeliner and everyone thought i became emo all of a sudden, well those people are ignorant, so who cares what they say if thats making you nervous,

just wear it as if it was your favorite color

It depends on what the rest of your outfit looks like. If you wear it black clothes, makeup and a cape, its going to look goth/emo. Wear it with matching regular clothes it will look chic. Side note, it you wear it with torn jeans and a sleeveless shirt, you'll look like you're in a rock band.
Call it anything you like. It was around and being worn long before emo or gothic was ever heard of. Freddie Mercury from Queen wore it in the 1970's. It is nothing new and no-one cares what anyone calls it.
it can be either. i personally hate preppy girls who try to pull it off with their plaid shittttt. i'm emo and it looks good. if you arent too preppy it will look okay but i like it better for emos.
it can be either im not emo gothic but i DO wear black nail polish


If you dress up and you wear black nail polish then it should look chic. If you dress in jeans and a t-shirt it would most likely look emo/gothic. It also depends on your personality. Good Luck!
Who cares. The most preppiest girls i know wear it. Its goth if you wear all black but perfectly fine if you wear it ;)

I do and i'm not goth? I'm prep mixed with skater.
I think black nail polish is very chic, but you have to know how to pull it off. If you like it, wear it!
It all depends on you. If you wear all black normally, then it could look emo/gothic. But otherwise it's pretty trendy
Well now they are chic.

They didn't use to be.
well its cute for winter but were in summer now and you should use colors that are bright

hope i helped
mine are black right now.

some people call me emo.

but, uh, who cares?
More emo gothic. But if you like it wear it. WHO CARES!!

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