Saturday, January 23, 2010

Keep nail polish from peeling?

i just painted my nails and the nail polish keeps starting to peel. i painted it in a french manicure sort of way and i put on this top coat [its called sally hansen mega shine extended wear top coat] and around the egdes it starts to peel so i apply a new coat to keep it from peeling. how do i make the nail polish stay and not start peeling?Keep nail polish from peeling?
Get a hard wear non peeling nail polish. Sally Hansen doesn't work by the way, I bought some and it chipped in a day, so I feel your pain. If that brand works, get a top coat in the same brand.Keep nail polish from peeling?
I use this:

Once you put 1 coat on nails wait 2 mins then soak hands under cold water for about 30 to 40 seconds then pat dry

if you want to do a second coat and repeat the soaking!

Don't worry it comes in differnet colors look at the bottom of the link page and change the colors!
Actually..its sorta like painting a piece of wood.. you have to sand the area you want to paint before you paint.

you need to rough up your nail. If you don't hardly paint your nails you will build up certain oils in your nail which causes the polish to not stick.
I agree, you have to use a strong top coat. But you also have to be careful, i.e. when you clean or do dishes, make sure that you wear rubber gloves. Plus try not to do laundry on the night that you do your manicure, otherwise your nail polish will tend to chip.
Apply 2-3 thin layers of nail polish, then apply 1 layer of clear top coat to seal it in. For best results, apply a thin, clear top coat everyday. Also, use a base coat for a nice canvas.
Clear nail polish will help and you may want to put a coat on every day to freshen up the shine thats what I do and it works better for me. Hope this helps.....
Well like some nail polish,from the company they are from...The company doesn't always make the nail polish stay on for a while so pick a better company or just be careful with your nails.
I put a base coat [clear] on then i apply my nail color then i apply a clear top coat. it doesnt chip for weeks!

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