Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's your favorite nail polish color?

If you could have your nails painted one color...What's your favorite nail polish color?
my favorite is be outrageous bijou jems by lorealWhat's your favorite nail polish color?
i like pink (any shade of it) and orange looks cool too
I like OPI too, i like both black and white or sometimes black nails with white tips. its funky and interesting.
I have to say I adore No 7 colour miracle called I think its midnightchocolate- a sparkly deep purple which has a red tinge when clear applied!
i like painted in one color maybe dark red nearly black ..other than that i like french
I like OPI - I'm not really a waitress :)
cotton candy
clean....and/or the best kind....thank you...
I like pinks and reds. Right now I have on Sally Hansen's Cherry red on my fingernails. The nail polish could change next week or when it starts to chip off.
hot hot hot pink
i love red. its versatile and sexy.
I like dark pinks for toes.

And colorless for finger nails.
A shade from Avon called foil, its metallic shines like real silver. I mainly wear it on my toes.
I like purple. It goes good with my skin tone.
If she's wearing red nail polish, she has my undivided attention.
im not really a waitress is hot, but I think blackberry by revlon is the hottest
I like dark pink
Red - I am so tired of French Nails
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