Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is black nail polish still in?

I see Lauren Conrad still wears it, she seems to be the trend barometer these days, and yes I know I should wear what I like, I do, just don't want to be a ';fashion victim';Is black nail polish still in?
Yes.Is black nail polish still in?
Yes it's still in. Alot of celebs where it. I love black nail polish, it matches with everything! It's very sophisticated and nice. The only thing is don't wear it with all black... a lot of kids will call you emo. which is stupid. grr. Unless that is the look you are going for. But yeah with the right outfits and the right attitude you'll make black polish hip! Hope I helped!
Soft, muted tones are hot in fashion this fall- and pastel polish is and easy way to update your look!

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well..there's not really a certain nail polish color that's ';in';

wear what you want. I really don't think black nail polish ever was in. Neither was pik, green, red, etc. There really is no nail polish ';trend.';
yes they are ... but..

i personally dont like black nail polish.

for many reasons.. one is cause to me, people

with black nail polish looks like they just colored

their nails with a sharpie.. idk and it looks dirty,,

idk its just me.
yes it is. but it shouldnt matter if you like something and you could feel comftorbale wearing it then buy it :D

we dont all have to follow the crowd
if you like it you like it and i love it i have some on now u are going to like some things that other people dont do not change your self for other peoples opinions
Well who cares whats in and whats not really...

black nail polish is worn alot amongst the teenagers especially goth/emo's etc.
You shoudlnt follow whats in if you like black polish put some on :D

To answer your question-Its still in with the right outfit, yes.,
It looks good if it goes on smooth and you find an outfit that looks good with it.
yes. black nail polish is still in. my friends and i use them all the time,
no black nail polish is so out. dont wear it, because the stupid emo goth look is fading out.
Yes...but do not wear it with suspenders and chains! and nose rings! Try it with a classy skirt and some cool heels!
I think it's hot, I wear it..

I think all white is popular too

good luck :]
Not as much as neons like green, pink, yellow, and orange.
I think so, demi lovato wears it a lot!

But Neon Is Hotter

I still wear it
who cares i wear it anyway
hell yeah im going to go

get my nails painted this

yes if you are like 14
I Wear Black Nail Polish But Im Kinda Emo


heck yes except my parents don't let me use it :( idk why
shooot, i still wear it haha im always running out. so i say helll yeahhhh
it is still soo in
nail polish wont make u a fashion victim. but ya it is still ok to wear.. i do anyway

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