Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's your technique to dry nail polish quickly?

i use a lamp. ahahahah, and it sometimes burn my fingers ):What's your technique to dry nail polish quickly?
easy i don't use any. HA HA!! you never said guys couldn't answer nyah nyah PPPFFFFFFTTTTTT, ok now that that's out of my system, moving on....What's your technique to dry nail polish quickly?
Ok ,there are soo many things to dry your nails when they are polish , i fan it with a hand fan, i put them by my fan , i have one in each room, i blow them with my mouth, , i put them to the back of my refri gerater by the cooling coils,and i also put nail enamel liquid on them, this will dry them up real quick, i some time fan them with a book... I hope this help a little. Peace out.
I buy this product from Sally's called Seche Vite for $7.99 and you apply it as a top coat BEFORE your nails dry and it dries them within a minute or is the best stuff I have ever tried and it really does work FAST. I know how frustrating it is to sit and wait on them to dry .....but if you can try this stuff it is good ....

Here is a picture of what it looks like ...鈥?/a>

Hope this helps ~~~

Good Luck ~~~
There is a product called ';Quick Dry'; that you put on after polish sets for two minutes and it dries instantly. I get it at the salon where I have my nails done. You could probably purchase it at a salon too. Or maybe even a drugstore. Not sure.

wouldn't a lamp like keep it melted?!!

i use quick-dry nail polish over the top of my actual nail varnish =)

my mate uses a hair dryer though =P haha

do mine please?鈥?/a>
What I do is i use a fan for 5 mins. then I run cold water on it for two mins and it gets really dry and hard then don't touch them for 3 mins!
1. Use a blowdryer

2. Buy a ';quick dry'; spray for your nails

3 . Wave your hands for awhile
lol. i use a fan. i sit on my bed, watch TV and put my hands below it. it works great! :)
I just wait for it to dry. I always end up painting a second coat on too early and it gets sticky.
blow dryer

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